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Howdy Cooltrainer and welcome to the merry month of May! Speaking of May, I asked her out once. Didn’t go well. Let’s just say that boat trip to Hoenn ended up being a complete waste of my time and money.

Speaking of wasting time, why are you still here and not reading the latest, greatest Pokemon news? Scroll away!

This week’s rundown (estimated read time 5 minutes):

  • If James Bond played the Pokemon TCG, he’d do it here

  • Cooltrainer Chronicles Part 9

  • Card of the Week

  • Random Encounters

Bougie Pokemon TCG

Break out the tuxedos and evening gowns, we’re going to play Pokemon!

Okay, while the recently opened Pokemon Card Lounge may not be that fancy, this is still quite the primo experience.

Pokemon Card Lounge in the iconic Shibuya Tsutaya building at Shibuya Crossing (I know nothing about the area but it gives off some Times Square vibes). The lounge and building opened on April 25 after a total renovation.

For 1500 yen (about $10) per hour “you can enjoy the Pokemon card game experience in a special space with a sophisticated design, and at the high-quality original battle seats.”

This cover charge includes complimentary drinks and snacks. Forgot your cards? You can borrow decks and other supplies to play the TCG free of charge. A store also features original merch featuring the Basic Energy design motifs seen inside the lounge.

Visitors also receive one of the following 11 welcome cards at random, which can be used as a partition board inside a deck case.

Wants a more private experience? A four-person room is available at 8250 yen (about $54) per hour. With only 78 seats on the floor plus the private room, methinks this place is going to have a long line for months to come.

The Cooltrainer Chronicles, pt. 9

“You need to consider what’s best for your Nidoran,” Nurse Joy said. “I can give you medical advice but no one else can make this decision.”

“I’m keeping him,” I said without thinking as soon as she’d finished. “I’ll take care of him.”

Something about the idea of handing over the first Pokemon I’d caught didn’t feel right. And how tough was that little guy to survive an attack from all those Spearow?

“Are you sure this is your decision?” Joy asked, growing more serious. “Nidoran won’t be able to battle for some time in its current condition. We can give you some medicine to help with its respiratory problems but those will make you ineligible to use it in a gym challenge or official battle for a time even after it’s physically able.”

My heart sank at that. I tried not to let the disappointment show on my face. No gym challenges or sanctioned battles meant I had no way of increasing my standing as a new trainer. But I wouldn’t go back on my word now.

“I’ll make it work, thank you Nurse Joy.”

She gave me a caring smile. “I can tell Nidoran is in good hands. Would you like to meet him?”

I nodded, feeling a sudden excitement and nervousness blossom in my chest and stomach.

Nurse Joy opened the door and beckoned for me to follow. “Right this way.”

She led me past rooms filled with silver machinery and busy Wigglytuff and Chansey in nurse’s uniforms. I followed her into a smaller room with a thick door that had a small safety glass window set into it. Inside, a rubbery padded substance covered the walls and ceiling. A Poke Ball—I assumed it was mine—sat on a tray on a pedestal in the center of the room.

“This room is specially designed for newly caught Pokemon or ones who had traumatic experiences before going into their Pokeball,” she said. “Even after our care and attention, being released for this first time can startle them. I’ll step outside.”

She beamed at me. “What an exciting moment! Good luck.”

The door closed behind me, followed by the sound of magnetic locks. The room definitely gave off some prison vibes. Ignoring that, I lifted my Poke Ball, feeling the smooth, cold metal in my hands.

I stared, overcome at how surreal the moment felt. Now that it held a Pokemon, the red metal on the top of the Pokeball now looked like translucent crimson glass. I could faintly see the shape of Nidoran outlined as if it were sitting in the ball, sleeping peacefully.

It wasn’t actually Nidoran I saw, of course. Just a projection that, along with my digital OT number registered to the ball, let anyone know what Pokemon was inside at a glance and who it belonged to.

“Come on out, Nidoran,” I said, voice squeaking a little in excitement. 

I pressed the button and Nidoran materialized before me in a flash of red light.

My Rotom phone beeped and the dex app appeared. “Do you want to give a nickname to this Pokemon?”

Nickname Nidoran?

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Card of the Week

Who says big fellas can’t dance? Iron Thorns ex from Twilight Masquerade is ready to turn the ball into a techno electric boogaloo. Artist PLANETA Mochizuki (definitely go check out their other work).

Random encounters around the internet

  • Diance is available via free special research in Pokemon GO as of yesterday (does not expire).

  • The developer of Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket changed its name to Pokemon Card D Studio. That’s it. Thats the news.

  • 🎂 Happy 25th birthday to Pokemon Stadium and 19th birthday to Pokemon Emerald.

Obscure Pokémon Fact (from u/Mx_Toniy_4869)


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