The largest Pokémon database ever?

An interview with the Pokéos team

What’s better than free DLC Pokémon Epilogue content? How about two articles from your favorite Cooltrainer in the same week?!

Pokéos is one of the hottest up-and-coming Pokémon websites out there, and following one of their recent updates (shown below), I knew I had to chat with them about this insanely ambitious project.

An interview with Makio & JRoses, founders of Pokéos

Q: Can you provide some background and context on this announcement? What was the recovery process like and why did you decide to add this to your site? (Is it just a cool database, a community resource, etc.?)

A: Firstly, let’s clarify what Pokéos is all about. You can find the complete presentation with all the details at

Our goal is to create a comprehensive resource that compiles all Pokémon-related information, focusing intensely on the user interface and the user experience, offering a modern and interactive platform. The site is currently in beta and is available exclusively to our Patreon supporters. We plan to make it public for everyone in the coming months, once the development is complete.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive resource that compiles all Pokémon-related information.

Recently, we embarked on this ambitious project to collect all Pokémon sprites and assets, including those that were never officially released. In particular, with the help of FedeFade, we are creating the 'ForgottenDex,' which features renders of Pokémon in the style of Pokémon HOME, representing forms seen in the anime, manga, etc.

These are the unusual forms that have slipped through the collective memory or perhaps have never been seen at all. We are assembling assets and images from many individuals who had similar independent projects – so someone who was creating icons, another making sprites, another focusing on shiny versions, etc. – and we are bringing them together to give visibility to their work and making the ultimate resource.

Q: Do you have sprites from every single Pokémon game ever published or just the mainline games?

A: Alongside this, we are also compiling all the original sprites and assets, starting from Red & Green all the way to Scarlet & Violet, including spin-offs. This will be a lengthy process that will take months, as we need to recover all the assets from various datamines that have been done or from online resources (which will always be credited on our site), then organize and rename them for display on the site. At the moment, we have over 120,000 images, and there are certainly many more to come!

Q: Why hasn't this been done by anyone until now?

A: Actually, many people have attempted this as I mentioned earlier, but they were more independent artists focusing on only one aspect, and often they would upload images to Google Drive or DeviantArt. The most notable is Lewtwo, who has his own collection and archive with many assets gathered over the years, and his repository has been incredibly useful for us to get started.

Unlike these projects, ours might be different because it offers a distinct experience on the website, where you can view all forms simply and interactively, including shiny forms and gender differences.

Q: Are there other projects like this that you guys are going to undertake in the future?

A: Well, the entirety of Pokéos is a colossal project that we will be developing over the coming years. We have a team builder, a Pokedex tracker, a TCG database with all the cards, and numerous other tools that will be added and constantly updated. We have many ideas in development and can’t wait to finish them and share them with everyone.

A huge thanks to the Pokéos team for taking the time to share these exciting updates about their site! You can check it out here.

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